Control Expenses / Cost Reduction

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How WIT Helps You Reduce Costs

Everyone’s looking for ways to save money. Webster Integrated Technologies has lots of them. Here are a few:

Multifunction Color Printers

WIT’s multifunction color printers help you save money by buying less equipment. By combining the functions of multiple pieces of hardware, you can get four machines for the price of one:

  • Printer
  • Copier
  • Scanner
  • Fax Machine

Not only that, our MFPs are Energy Star-certified, enabling you to lower your power usage and costs without compromising your productivity. We also offer multifunction black and white printers for customers who don’t need the expense of color toner.

Production Systems

For customers who need high volumes of professional-level documents, WIT’s production systems give you a considerable return on investment. They deliver thousands of pages in a matter of minutes and are designed to consume less energy and reduce waste.

Cost Control & Recovery

Our Cost Control & Recovery solutions let you uncover ways to minimize your printing expenses. You can route jobs to the most efficient devices and prevent excessive usage.

Managed Print Services

With Managed Print Services, WIT’s experts can give you a thorough assessment of your office’s printing expenses. From there, they can show you how to pare those expenses down.

Document Management & Workflow

Our Document Management & Workflow solutions streamline your processes. This allows you to focus more on raising your profits.

More Results

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