Cost Control & Recovery

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The Easy Way to Lower Your Operating Costs

Businesses always need to find ways to better manage their budgets. To maximize your profits, you need to root out wasteful practices and promote efficiency and accountability.

Webster Integrated Technologies make it easy to do all of the above. With our cost control and recovery solutions, you can exert greater control over your office’s printing practices. You’ll be able to get the most from your equipment and encourage responsibility among employees.

Benefits of Cost Control & Recovery Solutions

WIT’s available Cost Control & Recovery solutions give you:

Control Over Your Printing and Copying

You’ll be able to:

  • Control printing, faxing and scanning activity on your devices
  • Track usage by user, department and client account
  • Prevent access to your sensitive information through secure print queues and user ID authentication 
  • Redirect printing jobs to appropriate devices when issues arise (paper jams, printer taken offline)
  • Seamlessly integrate our solutions with our available multifunction systems

Our solutions deliver the information and features you need to take control of your printer fleet. You'll understand your printing processes better than ever before and gain the power to regulate them.

Better Cost Tracking and Reduction

Our solutions also let you accurately track how much printing costs you by color, duplexing, finishing and other measurements. They allow you to reduce those costs by:

  • Setting up printing quotas and restrictions that limit users and pages
  • Directing jobs to the most suitable devices
  • Allocating printing costs back to specific users, departments and projects
  • Keeping users aware of printing expenses through pop-up windows on your device's operation panels
  • Establishing payment requirements on your devices for cash, credit cards and other options
  • Setting up payment schedules for users
  • Reducing the waste and negative environmental impacts created by your printing

You'll have a diverse range of options to keep you printing practices from eating into your budget. You can tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your workplace and industry.

More Services and Solutions

WIT has many more solutions and services to help clients save money and get more work done every day. You’ll gain the ability to distribute and save information better and prevent costly downtime. For more details, check out the following pages:

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