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Webster Integrated Technologies has stayed successful for more than a quarter of a century. How have we accomplished this? By understanding and meeting the needs of our customers time and time again.

WIT offers a wide assortment of office hardware, solutions and services. This ensures that we can help clients resolve a broad range of document and IT concerns. Read below to learn about some of the solutions we provide to specific industries.

Law and accounting firms must handle huge loads of documents in the course of doing business. That creates a lot issues involving storage, organization and operating costs. Also, they could face the risk of legal action if private information gets lost or stolen.

WIT can help relieve the headaches that clients in the legal and accounting industries face. With our solutions for Document Management & Workflow and Information Technology Security enable you to:

  • Reduce your use of paper files and related expenses
  • Find and distribute information quickly and securely
  • Prevent hackers, malware and other threats from harming your productivity

We have the resources and expertise to help law firms optimize their processes and meet the information demands of their profession.


Hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to strike a careful balance when it comes to patient information. On the one hand, they must produce, process and distribute large volumes of documents day in and day out. On the other hand, they may need to meet strict compliance standards for patient record privacy.

WIT has resources to help healthcare organizations protect their information while making it easier for the right people to access and share.


Schools and educational institutions need to keep and handle an enormous amount of information. Indeed, state and federal regulations require them to do so. The costs of storing all of these records can increase steadily over time, as can the potential to misplace crucial documents. When documents do get lost, they can create serious problems both for institutions and for students.

WIT’s Document Management solutions give you the ability to save records electronically and find them with a fast search. At the same time, our solutions make it easy for school to meet FERPA requirements for records privacy.

WIT also stocks office products to help educators do their jobs better. Our production systems allow them to print a diverse range of documents quickly and cost-effectively. Our digital interactive whiteboards make lessons and presentations more engaging. In addition to these options, schools can take advantage of our Cost Control & Recovery solutions to reduce and recoup their printing-related expenses.

Government & State Contracts


Faith-based organizations often need to produce high volumes and a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets

At the same time, they’ll need to keep meticulous records to maintain their nonprofit status. This can create problems regarding storage space and lost or misplaced information.

WIT makes it easy for faith-based organizations to store, locate and produce information. Our Production Systems let you print high quantities of professional-level documents on a regular basis. Also, our Document Management & Workflow solutions allow you to save files on your network and keep them quickly retrievable. You can avoid the costs and potential hazards of physical storage.

Every day, state and federal governments face significant challenges with regards to handling and processing information. Government workers may need to handle high volumes and diverse types of documents. Also, they need the highest level of uptime, efficiency and security for their IT networks.

WIT is proud to help government agencies perform their vital functions. We offer:

Real Estate

Real estate companies could handle thousands of documents each year such as:

  • Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Mortgage Forms
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Warranty Deeds
  • Lease Agreements

Organizing all of these documents in paper form can become a major burden. The more forms that accumulate, the more storage you’ll need to pay for. And if you happen to lose forms, you could face legal problems and even more lost revenue.

WIT has a variety of solutions to help clients in real estate work better. Our Multifunction Printers enable you to print, capture and route documents with minimal difficulty. You can pair them with our Document Management & Workflow solutions to process and store your digital files with outstanding ease. You’ll free up time, budget and space in your office. At the same time, you can ensure that you'll recover your important information in case of a disaster.

Engineering & Architecture

Architects and engineers employ a wide range of documents to complete projects. These could include:

  • Blueprints
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Permits

WIT can help engineering and architecture firms produce and handle their documents better:

  • Our stock of Wide Format Systems give you the ability to print them in-house quickly and with no compromise in detail. Available models also have scanning capabilities, allowing you to capture your larger documents and distribute them digitally.
  • Our Managed Print Services can help you fine-tune your printing processes and minimize your expenses.
  • Our Document Management & Workflow solutions enable you to organize your electronic files and make them more readily available.
  • Our Mobile & Cloud solutions allow you to access information and get more work done on the go.

Banking & Finance

For banks and other organizations involved in finance, managing information properly is a major concern. It could probably go without saying that minimizing the costs of doing business is another one.

WIT can help financial institutions accomplish both of these crucial tasks:

  • With our Document Management & Workflow solutions, you can store information securely, retrieve it quickly and route it to appropriate locations and personnel easily.
  • Our Cost Control & Recovery solutions let you find ways to reduce the expenses connected to your printed documents.
  • Our Multifunction Color printers let you print, scan and send documents in little time and with minimal waste.

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