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Do More with Multifunction Copiers

At Webster Integrated Technologies, our top priority is helping you maximize your office’s productivity. We stock equipment and offer services that enable customers to tighten up their processes and manage information better.

WIT’s multifunction black and white copiers help you accomplish these goals and much more. These advanced devices allow you to print, scan and distribute information all from the same machine.

Features of WIT’s Multifunction B&W Copiers

WIT’s color and B&W multifunction copiers come with these outstanding features:


You can produce dozens of pages and black and white images in only a few minutes. Our devices’ high dpi resolutions give you consistently sharp text and image details. Also, their network connectivity enable you to print from smartphones and other mobile devices.


Our multifunction copiers let you make copies that retain the qualities of your original documents. You can use optional paper trays to minimize interruptions of your print or copy runs.


In addition to producing documents, our multifunction copiers enhance your office's ability to distribute them. You can scan your black and white documents to a variety of electronic formats and locations. Not only will you save paper and toner, you'll save the time and  money it takes to get information and records where they need to go. Scanning options include:

  • Email
  • Network Folder
  • PDF
  • JPEG


WIT's multifunction devices also enable you to scan your scanned documents. They support internet fax, LAN fax and IP fax. Powerful encryption, data overwrite and other security features ensure that unauthorized users won’t see your sensitive information.

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