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Business moves at a fast pace these days. You constantly need to figure out ways to get more work done and get it done quickly.

Webster Integrated Technologies specializes in helping businesses maximize their efficiency. We offer a selection of multifunction color copiers that let you complete tasks that required multiple pieces of equipment in the past. With almost no effort at all, you can:

  • Free up office space
  • Lower your hardware and operating costs
  • Boost your productivity

Features of WIT’s Multifunction Color Copiers

With WIT’s multifunction color copiers, you can:

Print and Copy

In a matter of minutes, our machines give you hundreds of pages with bold, rich colors. High dpi resolutions give you crisp text and sharp image details on print after print. In addition to this, WIT's devices qualify for programs like Energy Star and EPEAT, allowing you to lower your power usage and expenses while increasing your productivity.


WIT’s multifunction copiers come with superior scanning capabilities. You can capture hundreds of images in minutes. Thanks to the dpi resolutions of our devices, your digital filess will retain the details and quality of your physical documents. Scanning options include:

  • Scan to PDF/A
  • Scan to JPEG
  • Scan to Email/Folder/URL
  • Scan to USB/SD

Fax and Email

Once you've scanned a document, our multifunction devices give you the ability to distribute it quickly. You can send your files to others via internet fax, LAN fax and IP fax. This allows you to eliminate the time and costs associated with mailing paper documents. You can also scan files directly to:

  • Email
  • Network Folder
  • URL
  • USB or SD Card

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