Boost Your Productivity with WIT’s Printers

Webster Integrated Technologies works hard to help clients find better ways to work everyday. One way we do this is by offering some of the best office equipment on the market today.

Our network printers are a perfect case in point. You’ll be able to produce thousands of pages every month while keeping print quality consistently high.

Features of WIT’s Printers

WIT’s printers come with:

Superior Print Speeds

They take only seconds to power up and start printing just as quickly. You can complete print jobs quickly and get on to other important tasks. By increasing your printing efficiency, our printers present you with opportunites to enhance your operations as a whole.

High DPI Resolutions

Thanks to their superior dpi resolutions, you’ll get crisp text and detailed, appealing images on print after print. Your documents will convey information effectively and enhance your professional image simultaneously.

Energy-Efficient Designs

Our available printers qualify for the Energy Star programs, indicating a winning combination of high productivity and low power requirements. You can print more and reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Print Size and Media Versatility

You can use our devices to print in different sizes and on a variety of stocks. Options include:

  • Envelopes
  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Card Stock
  • Bond Paper

Wireless Connectivity

You can print documents by using your mobile devices, allowing you to work quicker and more conveniently.

Data Security

WIT's printers come with ID authentication, watermarking features and other powerful security features. You can ensure that your sensitive information won't be vulnerable to theft.

More WIT Products

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To discuss how our printers can improve the quality of your documents,