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Superior Document & IT Services for Your Business

It’s not just about hardware anymore. Webster Integrated Technologies offers a diverse range of services to help you get the most from your printing fleet and IT network. You can get more work done both in-house and on the go, reliably meet compliance standards and much more.

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Managed Print Services

Let WIT's experts help you optimize your office's printer fleet. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your printing environment, including your printing quantities and expenses. Not only that, we provide customized billing and can monitor activity on your devices remotely. Whenever you need supplies, we can get them to you as quickly as possible.

Managed IT Services

Get comprehensive support for your desktops, servers and information. We offer remote monitoring for your systems and ensure that you can get work done both in-office and on the go. Also, we can provide onsite and offsite support for your desktops and servers, ensuring that you stay productive every business day. You can also take advantage of reliable backup of your critical information and disaster recovery.

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