Optimize Productivity & Minimize Costs with Advanced Solutions

From regulations and budgets to online threats and network maintenance, businesses face a variety of challenges. Webster Integrated Technologies can help you meet them all.

With our available solutions, you can position your company for far greater profitability. You'll be able to:

  • Protect your critical documents and data better
  • Keep your systems in good working order
  • Monitor printing activity and expenses precisely

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Industry Specific Solutions

Learn how clients in a variety of industries can benefit from WIT's solutions. We have extensive experience assisting clients involved in education, law, healthcare and more. No matter what challenges you face or what needs you have, WIT can provide products, solutions and services to protect your important information, lower operating costs and maximize efficiency.

Document Management & Workflow

WIT offers document management and workflow solutions help you find information faster and meet compliance easier. You can eliminate your reliance on paper documents and the costs associated with storage, data entry and retrieval. You'll gain the ability to meet compliance standards with far greater ease by prevent unauthorized access to your confidential records.

Information Technology Security

With WIT's information technology security solutions, you can get support for your company's applications, prevent unauthorized access to your network and more. We work closely with you and have the resources to build and maintain your servers, your switches and the rest of your IT infrastructure. We can also provide support for Equitrac, eCopy, Kofax and several other applications. Not only that, we can help you manage and optimize your printer fleet.

Mobile & Cloud

Learn how you can increase productivity and protect your critical data with WIT's mobile and cloud solutions. You can save your information securely online and access it whenever and wherever you need it. You can also take advantage of powerful firewall, antivirus and anti-spam protection. If you encounter issues, you can get onsite or remote support.

Cost Control & Recovery

Find out how WIT can help you track and minimize your printing expenses. You can regulate printing, scanning and faxing activity on your workplace's devices and allocate costs to users with outstanding accuracy. At the same time, you'll be able to restrict access to your sensitive information.

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