Video Conferencing

Business people in a conference remotely using video conferencing technology.

Communicate and Collaborate Better

New technology has allowed businesses to work with others and share information in exciting ways. Webster Integrated Technologies offers top-notch video conferencing equipment to enhance your presentations and collaborations. You can work across time zones and even continents and utilize video, audio and other media.

Features of Video Conferencing Equipment

WIT’s video conferencing equipment comes with:

Advanced Cameras

Megapixel cameras with wide-angle views allow you to see everyone you're working with. You can zoom in on particular people to keep your interactions engaging.

Excellent Screen Resolution

Their high dpi resolutions give your images and videos stunning clarity and detail. You'll see everything you need to see even in low-light conditions.

Minimal Visual and Aural Errors

Our equipment’s scalable video coding keeps jitters and freezes absolutely minimal. Also, they come with echo cancellation and noise reduction features, giving you clear, dependable sound.

Remote Connectivity

You can connect to our video conferencing devices from numerous remote locations. This enables you to maximize your efficiency and keep everyone on the same page.

Internal Memory

Our devices’ high internal memory allows you to save important information temporarily. You won't need to worry about some critical detail getting lost.

Security Features

At the same time, you can protect sensitive information with authentication and encryption features. You can ensure that only authorized users will access your sessions.

Lightweight, Compact Design

Our video conferencing equipment is as big as a standard laptop and weighs only a few pounds, making it easy to transport. You can set up these devices and start working with minimal time and effort.

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